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The African American Report's mission is to provide a compendium of news, issues and commentary relevant to the black community.

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Still need a reason to advertise on afamreport? Consider the results of a recent survey conducted by IMAGES Market Research for AOL Black Voices:

"The message that's going out to advertisers is that if you're not using the Internet to target African-Americans, particularly the college educated, then you're leaving a lot of dollars for the competition to garner." - Bret Moore, Chicago-based publisher of the AOL Black Voices online service.

***** Nearly 80 percent of African Americans surveyed have access to the Internet, compared to the 88 percent of the general population.

***** 68 percent of visit news sites, compared with 56 percent of the general online population is likely to visit news sites.

***** 72 percent cite the need to obtain general information as a key driver.

***** Two-thirds of online African American households have access to broadband connections, compared to 53 percent of the general population.

***** Compared to the general population, African American Web users spend more time online. They report spending 5.0 hours surfing per day, compared to 2.9 hours for the general population.

***** Entertainment is a popular destination for 55 percent of African Americans, compared to 26 percent of the general online population.

***** 72 percent of African American Internet users seek out health content, compared to 53 percent of the general online population.

***** 60 percent of African American Web users, and 40 percent of the general online population, visit financial content including account information, stocks, and new financial accounts.

***** 39 percent of African American users, and 26 percent of the general online population look up sports information.

Internet Activities by Population (%)

Activity Af-Am Pop / Gen Online Pop

News 68 / 56
Entertainment 55 / 26
Health content 72 / 53
Financial content 60 / 40
Sports 39 / 26

Source: AOL Black Voices/Images Market Research 2005

“I think it's pretty clear," Moore concludes. "The marketers who neglect African-Americans online are missing a huge opportunity."

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